Residents baffled by ‘loud bangs’ and ‘explosions like a bomb going off’


Residents on an estate in Sheffield have been left baffled by mysterious “loud bangs” and “explosions like a bomb going off”.

The first booming crack was heard on Sunday at about 9pm as people living on the estate in Shirecliffe searched for what could have caused the loud bang.

They went back inside scratching their heads when nothing could beshire found.

Things became even more eery last night when another explosion was heard at about 9.20pm.

Regarding the first blast, Roy Brook told The Star : “It was just the biggest bang. I’ve never heard anything like it.

“Me and my missus went outside and people were all out of their houses just trying to figure out what it was.

“I honestly thought a helicopter or a plane had come down. I thought a bomb had gone off and half the street would be missing. I cannot express just how loud it was.”

Residents also claimed cops were called after the bang on Sunday, but South Yorkshire Police said they do not have any records of officers attending at that time.

Residents on a local Facebook page speculated it could be anything from criminal activity to UFOs.

Police did say they were called to a street at the estate earlier that day at 2.20pm following reports of shots being fired. Cops are investigating the shooting.

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said they weren’t responsible for the loud noises.