Notes on chocolate: sweet memories on a Suffolk jaunt


The last time I remember packing for a weekend away it was back in November 2019 and that was to go to Paris to see my uncle.

Thus it was that a recent three-night stay away saw us so unrehearsed for jaunts, we didn’t know what to pack, so we packed everything. The combination lock on the suitcase had long been forgotten, which wouldn’t have been an issue had someone not decided to lock it with all their clothes inside (if this is you, there is a Korean woman on the internet who can help you).

We headed to Snape Maltings, one of my favourite places, which sits near the Suffolk coast, just inland from Aldeburgh where all the trendies go. Snape Maltings has a small but lovely array of shops (and, of course, a wonderful concert hall) and it was here that Pump Street used to have an offshoot of its superb bakery. Sadly no more, but you can still buy its chocolate in a well-stocked deli section.

If you are expecting me to tell you about a new chocolate I discovered here, you will be disappointed. Instead I’m excited by what I brought with me, which was a new product, by Doisy and Dam: Peanut D&Ds, £1.99 for a grab bag of 80g, available from Holland & Barrett.

These are multicoloured little pebbles with a crunchy sugar coating, 58% single origin chocolate, no palm oil but, of course, peanuts! They may well remind you of another peanut-based product and they are no less moreish.