Driver does 31-point parallel park to get into parking space twice as big as car


A driver did a 31-point parallel park as she took a whole seven minutes to get her car in a parking slot double the size of the vehicle

Security footage captured the moment a woman in a white Toyota Aygo kept driving back and forth in a bid to get her 11ft car in the 21ft space.

The woman is at first seen driving forward into the space and attempting to do so more and more times in Streatham, south London.

As she fails to succeed, she rightly decides to take a different course of action and reverse instead, but that also fails as she is seen going backwards and forwards.

At one point the Toyota narrowly misses hitting a red car while in reverse, despite having loads of space to avoid it.

A whole seven minutes and 25 seconds later the driver manages to find her way in and park her car up.

She can then be seen getting out to admire her hard-fought results before heading off.

The incredible footage was shared by her neighbour John Mulvey, 54, on social media.

Baffled viewers commented on the parking disaster saying: “I drive one, and they have a reversing camera – so it makes it even worse.”

Another said: “To think someone gave them a licence, said it many times the UK driving test is way too easy and not long enough.”

It comes after another Toyota driver was branded “Britain’s worst parker ” last month after taking eight minutes to reverse into a space.

The driver of the white car in Ashford, Kent, can be seen attempting the parking a whole 10 times before he finally manages.